Talent Tips

How to Enhance Your Skills

  • Actors reading over a script with a director giving some instructions

    Ten Tips to Effective Acting


    Acting is an art form that requires both skill and dedication. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, here are ten tips for effective acting that will take your performance to the next level.

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  • Female recording a self tape in professional setup

    Ten Steps to Creating and Submitting Your Best Audition Tape


    Do you know how to evaluate yourself in an audition video? Well, here are some key recommendations and suggestions that will help make you stand out.

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  • How to Have a Camera-Ready Makeup Look


    A camera-ready look all comes down to having specific makeup and styling that is optimized for photography or video, since your face is what you’re featuring on camera. It's important to have a look that appears natural and flattering on camera and can enhance your features without looking overly done or heavy. Here are ten tips on how to look camera-ready during every production so you show up to your next job looking and feeling your best.

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  • Voice-Over Techniques That You Should Be Following


    Voice-over is an essential element in various forms of media, including commercials, films, audiobooks and more. To help you improve your voice-over skills, here are the top ten tips that will make a significant difference in your performance.

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